Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Joined Arts A Flutter

I joined Arts A Flutter, a really cool selling site. They show their new wares on the first of each month.
I am very excited about selling there, so I hope you all will drop by and check it out!
I made a gourd stocking for my first listing that includes a surprise gift for the buyer.
Please ignore by bad pics, I can't seem to find my battery charger to my camera so I had to use my everyday camera which doesn't do so well with close ups.
This handsome elf is JB, short for Jingle Bell.

The Halloween Queen's Castle BOOtique also shared their new creations today, which also included a new Holiday Page, where the queens will be showcasing their Non-Halloween Art.
Here are some really bad pics of my gourds for this month.

Witch Gourdie-Do
Halloween Santa
Snowman Gourdie-Do and Matching Ornie

Oh and while you are shopping at the BOOtique don't forget to sign up for their giveaway, the drawing is December 6th.

Well that should do it for now, see ya!

1 comment:

Dianie said...

Hi friend! I love all these magical creations! Hey that Elf, JB on the gourd stocking is out of this world!!!
I love all of your new creations,
and the snowmen are DARLIN' !

Have a great weekend Gourdie :)