Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two Great Blog Giveaways!

I know I haven't been blogging in the past month, but I have been a busy little bee. When I get time to crop some pics I will share all the fun stuff I have been doing!
No I haven't been in the dungeon much creating gourds but I do have a few almost finished.
So for now I want to share two blog giveaways I am sure you will want to sign up for.

The first giveaway is going on at the Halloween Queens' Blog, with a great ornie made by Suz of sUrPriSe deLiGht jOy. I tell you I just love her fun creations!
To sign up for this giveaway, 
just click on the banner and poof you are there!

The second giveaway is by my dear friend Diane, of Dianie Mac Designs.
And guess what? The sneaky little bugger is not telling what the giveaway is!!!
It's a surprise!!!! I love surprises, especially coming from Diane's studio!
So get on over to her blog
by clicking on her banner to sign up.
That's where I'm head right now!

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