Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Kids On The Block

I just had to show everyone the newest kids on our block. My good friend Nancy, who lives a few doors up from me, and I are pet freaks. We love our animals! We have taken in all kinds of orphans. Recently a neighbor moved away and left two baby kittens. Nancy is now Mom to Cally and Cutter.
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Don't you love to watch kittens play!

A few days later Nancy gets a call from a couple who has a baby they can no longer care for. So off we go to bring home a new baby.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I heard you!
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The newest baby doesn't have a name yet but she chose which one of us was to be her new Mama.....and it wasn't me! Thank goodness!
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Nancy gets to keep them all! I just visit!
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Tumbleweed Trails said...

Oh how adorable! Kittens and baby racoon. I'd love a "New Kid on my Block" especailly that 'soon to be ornery' racoon. I rescued a baby racoon last year that was so very very sick. Snuck him to a lady I knew could get him back to good health. Yep, I'm a law breaker! Not spose to harbor them in this strange town, but no way would I let it die. I rescued a baby skunk awhile back as well. Gulp, got my hiney chewed out over that one 'cuz "they carry diseases" you know! Least that's what I was told. Know what I have to say about that? Nope, no critters gonna die on my watch if I can help it. Poor lil skunkey poo. But did you know they like potato chips? Found that out quick like.


Sonia ;) said...


This just shows what a kind soul yall have....many more ppl needed for that job...

Sonia ;)

Sarah said...

Oh, oh, oh!!! Sooo cute!! Love the little racoon too! Am a sucker for critters. Lucy Lu said to send hugs. Have a fun filled baby critter weekend. Hugs, Sarah

Brandi McKenna said...

Oh I raised a baby raccoon as a teenager, her name was Chi Chi...they are soooo much fun! I love how they use their hands! I kept her free and she eventually returned to the wild as an adult, and before she disapeared she would growl and hiss at other people...hard to tame them in a "forever" way. My Dad had a pair when he was a boy.. that got into one of his teacher's cadillac cars and they ripped up the upholstery! They are so mischevious!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Oh how "cute" ! I love the raccoon baby. We had one as a pet when I was a girl. He got huge! Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a compliment then telling me I'm weird! I thought, "this from a woman who calls herself a gourd queen?" I'm weird? But then I thought, if I have a good friend who goes by "THE gourd queen" I guess I am weird. LMAO Scratch one of those critters behind the ear for me. Queen of weird friends, Tammy

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Adorable! And everyone seems to get along and play well together! I could watch them for hours on end. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

How cute these guys are!
Just thought I would pop in and check on you tonight. Your in my thoughts and I hope things are going well. Have a great weekend hon, miss you.

~* The Beldame on Peach Street *~ said...

Oh God love it!!!!! I want THAT baby!!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I laughed at the kitten and raccoon together. When I was in college a friend had 3 raccoon babies and they loved climbing on my neck and shoulders under my then long hair...they made the funniest coo-purr sound.

Can I have you come get the raccoon babies off of my deck and grape vine this fall? Every year Mom brings them for the grape harvest! There is a reason they wear a mask!! Giggle

beedeebabee said...

Hi Linda!

Your gourds are FANTASTIC!!! Holy cow, what imagination you have!! And your blog is just wonderful!

Oh, those little babies are sooo cute! I'm a die hard animal lover also, I'm forever finding something that needs help. We had a house pet squirrel years back, "Peanut". Those little critters are so loveable you wouldn't believe! He was so cute, he's jump around on the floor playing with his stuffed animals! He's gone about 10 years now, and we all still miss him. :( One of my sons wants a raccoon in the worst way, but in NY we can't keep them as pets, and our vet warned us NOT to even try!!!! We have three very adorable kitties that keep us very entertained! :o)

I want to thank you for popping over to my new blog for a peek, and for your very sweet comment! I'm meeting such nice people through sweet Lisa! Good luck on the giveaway!

Smiles, Paulette :o)

Designs By CK said...

OH MY kewl new pet! I did not know you could have them as pets???!!!


Popping in to say hello & enjoy your holiday weekend.

mE ((-:

~Tonya said...

HOW ADORABLE!! I too love baby kitties and that lil raccoon is just the SWEETEST!!

Enjoyed visting your blog. Love your work, I have admired it for quite some time.

And, I love what Annette has done with your blog.

Have a wonderful evening.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Queen Mama! It's been awhile since I came to visit! How the heck did I miss out on those giveaways! I hope not to miss out on the next one. Love the look of your blog! I just knew the blogworld was waiting for Gourdie!

Also, Thanks so much for your sweet visits! Have a great week!

Lisa :)

Karen said...

Okay....started reading with an 'Awwww', such cuuute kittens!! I grew up with calicos and loved them dearly. We have two that are a Manx, Siamese, Tabby mix...full of personality and love them! Then I saw the baby racoon.....Yes! they are oh so cute. But, noooooooo......they eat all of our cat food in three seconds flat, they remove the vent screens to under our house quite regularly...every time we put them back up, and play with all my kidlet's outdoor toys!!! Hubby wakes up at five am and sees baby racoons rolling on top of a large ball across the backyard...oh too frequently.....we won't even talk about the kidlet's water table. Well! Maybe I will......the racoons LOVE playing in my kidlets water table....maybe your baby racoon would like that too. What can I say?? I'm a sucker for cute and furry! :>

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Stop by my blog I have an Award for you..