Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Giveaway Drawing!

I said I would give away another Gourdie-Do and that's what I am going to do! I haven't given the first one away yet, can't track down Lorraine! The little darling must be busy making her cute dollies!
I found Jessica outside playing in this unseasonably cool weather, enjoy it while we can. She saw the box and camera in my hands and knew what her LinLin wanted her to do. When she grows up I bet she will be in the "Business", as the camera loves her and she loves the camera!

Shaken that box!
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The lucky number is..............32!
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That would be Laurie of Monkey-Cats Studio!
Hummm, you think Laurie would go for a swap? Love her little Monkey-Cats!

What a great time I had! Meeting new bloggers and making great friends!
Thank you all for playing with Gourdqueen!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

I'm here, I'm here!! I'm so happy I won!!

Congrats also to Monkey Cats!!

Chicken Lips said...

Congratulations Laurie - you lucky lady!

A - Zinnia Productions said...

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!

Unknown said...

Laurie is a lucky Lady....

Congrats Laurie..

Sonia ;)

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky... I'm so lucky, and I'm smiling from ear to ear and doing a happy dance!!! Oh thank you Linda and congrats to Lorraine!! (I have an Aunt Lorraine that I just had a dream about two nights ago...spooky!!)

Johanna Parker said...

Darn!... just checking in to see if I won anything... Oh well.... Laurie deserves it.... :)

PS Love those kitten & coon pics.... sweet!

~ Johanna