Monday, April 12, 2010

SpookyTime Jingles April Update

New updates for SpookyTime Jingles go up tonight at the stroke of twelve. I know there will be lots of new and exciting finds!
All I have this month is "Sir Wrathbones". Yep you have seen him already. He made his debut March 31st on EHAG Emporium. I'm sorry to say no one wanted him.
So I thought what the hey, maybe a little move would help. I guess it couldn't hurt, right?
Trying to find that person who just can't live without one of your works of art can be tricky!
So search is what I will do!
But really how could anyone not love this face!

1 comment:

Beadwright said...

I think this guy wants to date me. LOL. I love him!!!!