Friday, February 12, 2010

Turn Around Boys!

Tonight is SpookyTime Jingles February reveal! Now you have to wait until midnight but I promise it will be worth the wait....heck it's always worth the wait!
Many of you have cheered me on while I have pieced together my gourds for this month and I have so enjoyed it. But I think it was really mean of these guys refusing to show their faces until today. I am very sorry but what is a gourdqueen to do?
So now that they are cooperating here they are.

I again want to thank Sharon, autumnforest, for coming up with some really cool names. You will have to wait until SpookyTime Jingles is updated to see their names.
Now on to the next gourd adventure!!


Sharon Day said...

They are so beautiful! I feel like a teary-eyed proud mama. I can't believe how you can make them seem so vintage and yet I know they are new hatchlings. That's a true talent!

Unknown said...


Brenda LaBell said...

Linda they are so fab!!! Love them and your evil ways, hahahahaha!! Always a joy to visit your blog. Can't wait to see those names.


Jorge de Rojas said...

love how they came out Linda!

Unknown said...

Love them


FlightFancy said...

They're fantastic! You are such a tease for making us wait :)

Smilodonna said...

Keeping the suspense 'till the end, eh? ;) hehe, those elf fellows are too cute (gads, I love the way you do those crazy hats), and I'm quite in love with the totem!

Mila said...

UAO!!!Linda I have no more words to descripte your characters!!!
Fantastic!!! I'll come back to see their names!!
Have a great week-end,
Mila :)