Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ornament WIP

I'm painting a few ornaments for giveaways and listing on ebay today. Should have them finished today.

Also these two Fall Pumpkin Gourdie-Do's are listed on ebay and will end Friday.
These are two of the four pieces that were on the PFATT Marketplace. I thought they were sold but..........I'm not telling that story.
So they are now listed on Ebay at a reduced price with free shipping.


William Bezek said...

The pumpkins on bobbins are very pretty...I'm digging that Greenman face!

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Very cool ornies:)There is going to be a very lucky someone out there in blog land!
I'm working like a mad witch to get mine completed! Can you say.. Procrastinator!!!!!


Gourdqueen said...

William I am always so thrilled to have you drop by, thanks!

Diane we are procrastinating sisters!