Friday, November 13, 2009

Humpty Gourd Santa

If I could write fun poems I would write one that would be titled, "Humpty Gourd Santa". I'm not sure it would be "G" rated! The words that came out of my sugar coated mouth were not for sensitive ears.
He was sitting on the mantel and I picked him up and simply DROPPED him!!! I can put him back together but it won't be pretty. I have been wanting a gourd Santa!

Any of you that have never seen the inside of a gourd, well now you have! Need some seeds?


Sharon Day said...

You broke it you bought it? I think I could almost hear Santa say "ouch!"
Good luck!

Dianie said...

I don't even have to imagine the words you said... Because, when I saw that poor little Santa...I'm sure the same words rolled of my tongue!
That is just sad :(
On a positive note! Did you see how good your clay held up? Now that's amazing :)


Unknown said...

Oh heavenly days...clumsy slippery fingers you with the potty mouth...I know a artist that could make ya another one cheap...Not I...but her name is Linda..let me know I will ask her to contact ya..


Zan Asha said...

Yikes! That is no fun :(

William Bezek said...

Ouch..that's gotta hurt!

Georgina said...

Oh no...poor Santa!! So sad!!!