Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three Great Blog Giveaways!!!

I love blog giveaways, oh yes I do......I love to win them, it's true....oh blog giveaways I love you!
Don't you wish you could hear me sing? You'll be singing too when you see these three awesome artist blog giveaways.

Nancy Malay of Victorian*Whimsies has the most gorgeous Victorian Cone she is giving away. I already know where I am putting it!!! While you are visiting her blog, be sure to read about her first online class on creating Victorian Cones.

JoEllen of Lacey Jane Primitives is giving away an awesome crow make-do and yes I know where he will be living in my home also!

Joee of Cartbeforethehorse is celebrating their 200th blog post with a double giveaway! She is giving away a choice of patterns and the sweetest dollie, which will be mine, mine I tell you, mine!


Jo James said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Linders!
I'm throwing your name in the hat 3 times. Good luck!

PS- Your comment made me giggle :)

William Bezek said...

Good stuff to be sure, I hope you win it all!

Nancy Lee Malay said...

Miss Linda, you are so sweet to post my giveaway here on your blog!

Thanks so much!!