Sunday, July 26, 2009

Keeping Ones Own Art

Do you keep any of your own art? Maybe just make a piece for yourself? I never have. I always say during the slow season I am going to make that certain piece that I really liked, but either I never do it or I do and someone talks me out of it.
I have a couple of places in my home that I will display my work while it's waiting to be sold and I find I really enjoy them.
I snapped this pic of my last pieces I sold on SpookyTime Jingles, on my hutch in the dining room.
It's not a great pic as I just happened to walk by with the camera and took it.
I really enjoyed looking at them everyday, for a little while anyway.
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sue : ) said...

I don't know how you can part with any of them ! I have a thing for that pumpkin on the spindle....I just love him !!! I love his eyebrows. You have the best imagination ...:o)

Gourdqueen said...

Thanks Sue, would you come live with me! You can sit on a stool by my work table and be my muse!

Sonia ;) said...

I love that....I think as artist we are meant to share and give a piece of ourselves to others.

xoxoxo S

Flossiekat said...

Linda, I absolutely LOVE your stuff! What an amazing artist you are!!!!! Totally stunning.

sue : ) said...

Yes Gourdqueen I would be there in a second...You don't have to twist my arm...but I do have to take my dog Lola. She goes where ever I go...she & I play well with others ...She has a very expressive face (basset Hound) maybe she can pose for you ! You will have to give her treats..she's food motivated : )Hmmmm, are there any spooky basset hounds ?

Designs By CK said...

I think MOST of us as artists are the same way with this Linda. I feel that way about my "Halloween Alice in Wonderland" in my Etsy shoppe! '-)

Have a great week & enjoy your art while you can!

Chris (-:

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

The only time I hold onto items is when I am not sure they are ready or refined enough to go live somewhere else.
They just don't feel like they belong to me.

Codys Keepsakes said...

Thats funny because I do the same thing. When I post something on ebay I put it up somewhere so I can look at it before it leaves. I have some of art around the house and garden but I usually end up making something to sell.

Pattee said...

Linda~I love your gourds!!!
Do you remember you made me a bird house gourd that has "Dancing Buffalo" I still have it and adore it!

And I've created a couple of dolls that also seem like a part of me.... other than that I keep them for awhile and then let them go....

How's you mom doing?

MarZel said...

Very good question! If I want to keep...woudnt you know it is the first thing that goes!!! LOL

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

Hi Linders.. I imagine you send a piece of your heart along w each little Gourdie! I feel the same as you.. I'd like to make something for myself, but haven't yet. One of the perks of being an artist, tho, is to enjoy 'rotating' art!
I love your page!


Zinnia said...

Oh! Just love all of your piece. Linda, it must be so much fun to hang out at your house! oxoxoxo Zinnie

Robin said...

WOW, what amazing work here! I came over here from STG and think your work is fantastic! I especially love that pumpkin on the wooden spool. It must take you a long time to create each one as there is so much detail in your work!

Take Care - Robin