Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Kudzu, do you?

Kudzu!!! The vine that ate the south! That's one of many sayings that have been "jokingly" quoted down here in the south.
This "mile-a-minute vine" was planted to control soil erosion and to make some chemical company very rich!
I won't go into all the other things kudzu is used for and there are many! I will just share some pics of this irritating vine trying to take over our property.
We have, what we southerners call a gully behind our property. It has been taken over by kudzu.
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Somewhere down there is a creek and sometimes you can spot a deer pop it's head up while grazing on the kudzu.
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Yeah I know, it's food for the deer and it is very beautiful, especially when it's blooming. Oh and the purple blooms have the sweetest aroma.
So why do I hate this vine, you ask?
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Under all the dead vine you see is our fence! It's a constant battle keeping it off the fence and our storage buildings. I sprayed "kudzu killer" on the fence last week and you can see there is more green vine making its way through! I sprayed again today!!
So once a week you will find me cussing and spraying this delightful kudzu vine.


merelyadream said...

I can understand why you hate it LOL I would too if I had to keep going out there every week to find it totally grown over again!

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Hi Gourdie!

Oh that would be a frustrating vine to deal with....but it is awfully purdy!

Hope you're doing better!
Enchanted Blessings,

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Yikes! We don't have that up here in PA - at least not that I'm aware of. Good luck taming that green monster!

Sonia ;) said...

Take a stand and kick that Kudzu in the butt or leaf.....I would be terribly frustrated also...

Sonia ;)

DellaRae said...

I haven't seen kudzu since the last time I visited Alabama. Glad we don't have it in Florida.

~dani~ said...

This stuff is insane! I spent 30 minutes visiting all of the links from the Kudzu site and am amazed at how tenacious it is! Very interesting. Sorry you are stuck dealing with it though. hugs~

Anonymous said...

I hate that vine, it is very invasive and taking over a lot of areas in Va especially around the mountains.

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Good hell that sounds like our Virginia creeper we have here!It's reall pretty, but will take over everything.. Good luck Gourdie on your taming of the Kudzo;)


Wendy said...

I've heard the only thing that can really get rid of Kudzu is...
Maybe you should buy a couple and see if they can help you out. =-)