Sunday, April 19, 2009

Please Meet the B's

The B's are our two pet ferrets, Buddy and Bernice. They are in my basement studio behind my work table. Johnny built them a wonderful 6' X 4' ferret condo with a glass front so they can see out and I can see in. The top is open so I can bend over to get them out. I love having them in my studio.
Here are a few pictures of Johnny letting the pups visit with the B's.
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Daddy giving a lecture on being NICE to Bernice!
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Po Panda likes to visit in the condo.
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Unknown said...

Too cute....adorable

Sonia ;)

Jamie Lott said...

Awww Gourdie I love ferrets!!! I had one several years ago. His name was Moses. I still miss him. They are so much fun!

Thanks for visiting my giveaway and for your kind compliments!